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English unspoken

I keep repeating how a corporate name could is key to a successful business development and in the meantime I found this restaurant in Northern Paris. This place is specialised in roasted poultry and turned the word “Coq” (rooster in French) into Cock to make it sound more American presumably.

I was startled by the name and all the marketing, or should I say, the lack of marketing approach that has led to this naming. Not only it’s repelling to English speaking potential customers, but it certainly shut the door to any licensing opportunities abroad. This is typically a brand name the founders won’t be able to capitalise on!

Again picking up the right brand name for a company or a product is strategic. It requires a strong vision but above all specific creative processes. Should you need help with your brand strategy or create new trademarks, let’s meet and talk about it over a coffee !


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