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A brand tailored to you ambitions

You are struggling to invent the right trademark for your company, a service or a product. Everything you have in mind are either already registered or is not a big hit among your fellow co-founders or managers. This no surprise, indeed with more than 140K EU trademarks registered in average each of these past 5 years, it’s getting a bit challenging to come up with a strong and most of all available name. The mission gets even tougher when looking for a affordable dot com domain.

"We have the right processes & unlimited creativity to invent unique brand names and find adapted .com domains that will draw attention and be remembered"

The 4 values of a strong brand


A brand embedding your values or the services promises will facilitate customers' recognition and increase transformation. 


A brand must be reasonably flexible in terms of evocation so it can support your future development and your expansion abroad.


A brand must be short and impactful so the targeted customers will easily remember it. A good brand name helps saving marketing efforts & budget usually spent to force memorization.


This is probably the toughest part. Finding a brand that has not been registered yet under your activity and possibly available in dot com. 

For whom ?

Startups / Spinoffs / Spinouts / Joint Ventures / SME / Large companies

Every business needs a brand no matter size it is. This service is not a luxury reserved for big enterprises. On the contrary, small companies should select the right trademark from the very beginning to avoid spending large amounts of money later. Indeed a brand which is not built on the 4 pillars above will require a costly communication effort to get memorized.

What we deliver

Trademark and dot com creation.

Legal registration

For each project we provide you with a list  of possibilities to make sure you have enough alternative options in case a suggested brand is already registered. For all the legal verification and registration we have partnered with an attorney specialised in intellectual property. This firm can assist you in all the legal steps related to the registration of your new trademark.

To go further

Tagline creation.

A trademark is definitely a strategic asset but it can get even stronger when associated with a powerful tagline. This type of slogan expand your brand evocation or promises. Thinks about Nike and how "The just do it" catchline has enhanced its identity. On top of designing trademarks, we also create adapted taglines that will fuel your recognition.

Few additional thoughts

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