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A complete new brand identity for the SHF

The SHF (Société Hydrotechnique de France) recently selected me to completely revamp their brand identity. Starting with the creation of a new logotype and then designing consistent communication supports (business cards, letterhead, PPT templates, etc.). This was the occasion to review the company values & tagline to build a visual identity accordingly.

It’s always a challenge to make hypertechnical organisations look attractive and I must salute the SHF for their openness and eagerness to move forward. I am really pleased with the choices made in term of graphic design. We can already witness the positive impact on the market and see the shift in the audience perception.

The SHF is one of the major non-profit scientific & technical organisations in France built more than a century ago. The organisation covers topics such as Water Resources, Hydroelectricity & Fluid Mechanics. In an era of massive floods, glacier melting and clean energies, the SHF has more than ever a key role to play.


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