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Reveal your true colours

You wish your prospect could distinguish you from your competitors in a blink and recognise your products or services for their higher value? For this you need to build a identity based on your company true DNA. Easier said than done ... identifying its Unique Selling Points and smartly communicating them in the light of an ever-increasing competition could be tough without taking the proper step back. 

"We are experienced in defining market positions that will suit your vision and set you apart from your competitors in the eyes of your prospects"

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Keeping an eye
on competition

If indeed a company market position is defined initially by its founders according to their vision, it needs to take into account the competitors already in place. 


And this isn't a one time exercise. Market keeps evolving: New players are moving in while historical challengers are changing both their offer and communication.


You need to keep a close eye on your competitive landscape.

For whom ?

Startups / Spinoffs / Spinouts / Joint Ventures / SME / Large companies

Unfortunately no business is free from competition. From small local retail stores to major multinationals, every companies must defend and expand its customer base in order to thrive.  If you are unsure of what makes you special or facing an  unexpected new entrant on your segment, we can help you to stand out from competition.

What we deliver

Definition or adjustment on market position strategy. 


We assess your segment and provide you with a comprehensive mapping of the players in place and how they have positioned themselves.  This preliminary studies includes recommendations on how to communicate in order to stand out from your direct competitors. In a second phase we offer to monitor this landscape and report relevant changes when they occur. This is not just an simple alert service. We do analyse market modifications and provide you with the proper recommendations on how to react.

To go further

Dedicated workshops to align all stakeholders around a common vision


In many cases we have noticed that within a same company, stakeholders may have different opinions about the organisation mission. If the management doesn't share a common vision,  it could lead to inconsistency in the way the organisation talks to its audience. This is clearly a  possible source of confusion. To avoid this pitfall we build dedicated workshops to align collaborators and partners on the same perspectives so the company can find its rightful place on its market.

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