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Empowering website managers

You probably remember the time when editing your web pages could only be done via fixed templates. Adding a text column or moving an image within the page would required a call to the webmaster as technically speaking you couldn’t do it by yourself.

Well these times are over since the introduction of Elementor, a powerful webpage builder working hand in hand with WordPress. For the first time in web content management history, contributors have now the flexibility to customize text blocks, buttons and images. They can move them around the page with a simple drag & drop while enjoying a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface. No code needed!

Empowering the contributors

By removing the technical hassle from the equation, web content managers can work faster and tailor their pages according to their needs and the not the other way around.

We have recently developed a massive web site for the SHF (Société Hydrotechnique de France) based on this new technology for the greatest satisfaction of our customer. As Carole Paplorey, Head of Studies @ the SHF, says “We create new pages constantly on our website. Each of them is quite different from one another and needs to be be built according specific needs. We can now, via Elementor, assemble the pages ourselves in no time with a consistent graphic design. It’s like playing Lego, literally !.”

A complete ready-to-use Widgets toolbox

Building a pop-window or inserting a form and connect it to the mail server used to be incredibly tricky in the past. Now with Elementor anyone can do it with a couple of clicks and one more time without coding anything. You can see above a selection of the widgets that can be instantly dragged and dropped into the page.

We should also mention that Elementor automatically creates pages adapted to all types of devices. The plugin even allows users to go further: They can switch to tablet or mobile visualisation, to check the look and feel on these devices.

An open door for “unsolicited creativity”?

One of the CMO concerns is the non-respect of the Corporate Brand Guidelines. Allowing contributors to modify a template could lead to a deterioration of the website graphic design. Indeed, but this can be easily overcome with Elementor. Any page elements can be cloned so contributors can re-use blocs, titles, callout boxes or buttons from other existing page without creating new ones. They can enjoy a full library filled with assets pre-designed by their webmaster.

Is Elementor a new sort of WIX?

WIX is another drag & drop website builder which is very successful among individuals and small businesses. Compared to Elementor WIX is limited in many aspects. Implementing modern big menus is impossible on WIX for example, placing elements accurately into the pages is far more tricky on WIX and might lead to graphic design inconsistency. Not mentioning the fact that Elementor comes with 80 built-in widgets, most of which you would need to pay on WIX. But all these differences come from the fact that Elementor is based on a real Content Management approach and WIX is a just a simple website builder.


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