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Is story telling still in fashion?

Storytelling was the big marketing buzzword few years back but what about today? Is this approach using a narrative to create a deeper connection with the audience by triggering emotions still effective? Well to start with, storytelling is probably the oldest form of humankind entertainment and therefore it’s doubtful it would ever wear off.

But when it comes to marketing, we have seen Storytelling gradually mutating into Storymaking.

It is actually a natural evolution of the practice. Instead of building up a one sided narrative, storymaking invites the audience to take part of the campaign. Using the digital tools & platforms we all know, customers can now share their own experience of your services & products, and even give ideas on how to upgrade them.

If companies accept that these new stories might go in unforeseen directions, they will on the other hand gain in authenticity and therefore benefit from a stronger credibility on their market. A recent study from the platform Teester shows that 4 millennials out of 10 don't trust content generated by the brands, and this stat will expand.

Should you need guidance in how to harness those new stories or if you simply want to review your current storytelling, let’s meet and talk about it over a coffee ! Remember storytelling is no longer a Nice to have but a Need to have ...


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