Picking up the right brand name for a company or a product is strategic. But with more than 140K EU trademarks registered in average each of these past 5 years, it’s getting challenging to stand out of the crowd.

A good brand name is the one that doesn’t require loads of budget to get memorized. Ways of doing business are changing fast, but rules for brand creation remain the same: A name needs to be short, unique, catchy, evocative and rememberable.

We have the right processes and unlimited creativity to invent unique brand names and find adapted .com domains

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We help you




To find the perfect position on its market, a company needs to connect to its true DNA. Easier to say than done ...

We often see that company stakeholders don't share the same corporate vision which prejudice the decision process.

We build dedicated workshops to align collaborators and partners on the same perspectives so the company can find its rightful place on its market.

We can help you identify what makes you different and formulate a set of corporate values and promises which will resonate among your customers. 

Your story is unique and we can support you in putting it into words that will connect with your customers. You will no longer be seen as just another provider but as a problem solver!

Facts and data are not enough to convince your customers that your services or products are the best. You need to build a cohesive narrative that will provokes an emotional response among the purchasers.

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A website, a LikendIn or a Twitter account and even a Facebook page are great corporate assets. But ... you need to feed all those media with a compelling content on a regular basis to remain relevant on your market.

Content could also be shared via PowerPoint which sometimes raises some critics:

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We can define a personal editorial strategy for your company and create impactful contents

(news, white papers, interviews, videos)

We can also help you managing your social account publications according to an agenda we plan together.


Digital platforms are fantastic tools through which you can surgically define your different audiences and deliver custom messages to each of those segments.

We know how to create smart digital campaigns and maximize your CPC and conversion rates

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We exclusively work with world acclaimed open source systems which allow you to autonomously manage your content and sales while guarantying your technological independency

Customers are highly sensitive to the consistency they undergo throughout the digital devices they use.

This is the reason why we develop responsive websites and mobile Apps that work hand in hand to deliver a unique brand experience.



Gilles Prunevielle

General Manager

More than 20 years of experience in Marketing Consulting

Pierrre Pankotay

Customer Relationship Manager

Also more than 20 years of handling complex projects

Raphaël Devillers

Technical Development Manager

Implementing smart solutions
since the Web exists


At MARKETING BURO we think there is no place for shyness in business.


Every company should be proud of its corporate values. So proud that all of them should claim loud and clear what they stand for, how different they are and how their solutions will make their customers life easier and/or more profitable. 





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